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Welcome to Villeneuve Family Portal, a website maintained by and for the Villeneuve family. VFP serves as an online center for genealogical research and provides links to current projects or endeavors that family members are involved with or working on.

The Family

The name Villeneuve is French. Literally translated into English, "Villeneuve" means "new town" or "Newton". Many North American members of the Villeneuve family (though not all!) trace their lineage to Mathurin Villeneuve, who settled in Quebec (then called New France) in 1666. is building a new center for genealogical research.

Archives maintains mirrors of websites built by distant family members at GeoCities from 1994-2009.

Businesses and Nonprofits

Many Villeneuves are entrepreneurs, and have founded their own businesses or nonprofit organizations.

Northwest Progressive Institute
A strategy center working to raise America's quality of life through innovative research and imaginative advocacy.

CenterStone Executive Search
A national retained executive search firm focused solely on the consumer sector (formerly known as Villeneuve Associates)

Planetary Food Group
A manufacturer of gourmet snacks and treats, including the famous Cosmos Caramel Corn.

Cannon Beach VillaView
3 bedroom vacation home with majestic views of Haystack Rock and the Needles available for weekly rental.

Education Hill Math Tutoring
Professional one-on-one help for Redmond area students seeking a better understanding of mathematics.



About/Features is administered by Andrew Villeneuve. (Find Andrew on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn). Features include:

Photo Gallery
Photographs of scenic vistas, family gatherings, camping trips, and other memorable happenings.

Reflections on American Life
The personal blog of Andrew Villeneuve, covering technology, travel, entertainment, and other interesting subjects.

A gateway aggregating news feeds to discover what's new in the world of technology, especially free software

Travel (undergoing renovations)
This section provides handy travel trips, destinations, links, and other information useful for family vacation planning.

Family Resources (private)
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