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Welcome to my website

Let me introduce myself, my name is Debbie Villeneuve-Camberg. I was born in St. Helens, Oregon. I have been tracing my children's VILLENEUVE lineage for 20+ years, and have helped many Villeneuve descendants find their connections to the various Villeneuve lineages. You may notice that I have now created 3 Villeneuve sites, so far. I am trying to educate those who visit my site about the different Villeneuve lineages, because they do not all connect to each other. I have heard many times that people assume that all Villeneuve's are related. This is just not true. This site was created to help all of you, so please contribute to this site by submitting what you know about your Villeneuve, de Villeneuve or Amiot/Amyot ancestors, (including their children and grand children, dates/places of birth, marriage and death) and if you need help, we will try to help you find your "Connection".  


I am the mother of: Nicholas (Nick) and Nissa-Dawn Villeneuve.
Nick graduated in 2000 and Nissa graduated in 2001.
See how they are related to F1 Driver:  Gilles Villeneuve

I am currently self employed. I am a portrait & landscape artist and
watercolor instructor
most of the time.  I've owned my own home business
called "Video Memories & Family Research" since 1990.  I started it when
I worked part time as a cashier, after receiving a settlement from being in
a car wreck caused by a drunk driver in 1989.  I transfer slides or old 8mm
movie films to video tape, and I do wedding photography and videography.  Because of my shoulder and wrist disability, I no longer advertise my video business. I occationally get orders by "word of mouth".   I have always
dreamed of being an artist, so I've resumed taking commissions for portraits
of faces, homes and pets from photographs.
This dream was only possible by a "blessing in disguise".

I am the creater of this site, which actually began as a quarterly newsletter
in 1997, while I was off work due to work related inguries as a cashier.  Later
that year I had shoulder surgery, and 6 weeks later I had my thumb joint
replaced.  While recovering from 2 work related surguries (in 1997 & 1998),
my father died (Jan. 1999) and 7 months later I got pneumonia and nearly
died.  It took many months for me to recover, so I had to postpone starting
college that Fall and Winter!  I finally started college in the Spring of 2000
for retraining because I was not able to return to my cashier job, due to a
permanent partial shoulder and hand & wrist disability. I took web design
classes as well as art classes.  After I had only completed
one semester of
watercolor, I was offered a job teaching watercolor techniques to beginners.
I have taught part time ever since.  I have now taken 3 semesters of water-
color as I can afford it. I just completed my 3rd semester this Spring 2002.
I recently learned I have a heart valve condition, but I feel fine so far.  I
don't think it will require surgery, unless it gets worse.

While I was recovering from surgeries one of my lovebirds hatched out a few
babies.  Only one baby lived, so I learned how to handfeed it since I was off
work and had time.  I now raise and sell handfed baby peach faced lovebirds,
(of the parrot family). They are very tame and friendly. I have 13 adult love-
birds in my
outdoor aviary   Our climate in Oregon is mild, so they live out-
side all year long!   They have 11 nest boxes to chose from. Their colors
range from many shades of olive green to seagreen, dutch blues, cobalt
blues, cobalt blue-violets, green-violets, yellow-violets, yellow and green
pied, lutino (yellow with white flight feathers), cinnamons (pale yellow green
with sandy colored flight feathers)
I purchased 2 violet babies lasr year. One
has yellow wings and the other has gray-bluish wings and lavendar bodies
and tails! 1 of my birds had a dark orange face, but it died.  My birds all have
pale peach, white or gray faces.

I am also the webmaster of AMIOT CONNECTIONS, de Villeneuve Connections and TREE SEARCH CONNECTIONS &  WEB DESIGN. 

I no longer publish the Villeneuve Connections Quarterly Newsletter.
(ONLY back  issues are available until I find time to resume
publishing)   I volunteer my time (without pay ;-) to help all variations
of de Villeneuve, Villeneuve, Amiot & Amyot descendants through
this website, email and postal mail.

If you applied for membership or used to be a Villeneuve Connections member,
you may have been denied or unsubscribed because you did not submit your "BRANCH" of the family for membership, or enter your real name in your
profile or submit an introduction telling us what you know about your Amiot
or Villeneuve ancestors so far. All Former members may re-join, but it is now
required that everyone contributes.

There is NO COST to become a member.  Joining Villeneuve Connections is
much more than any "ordinary" e-mail list. As a member, you will have access
to our "MEMBERS ONLY" pages. You need a Yahoo ID (nickname) and
password to get in. You need to create a Yahoo Profile with your REAL NAME
in it, so members will know who you are, because your name will not show up
on our current members page if you leave it blank. Your membership will not
be accepted if you leave your name off of your profile. Just follow the 5 easy
steps on the membership page. Be sure to include your yahoo ID in your
"Introduction/Bio Message", so I'll know who you are   :-)    This site will
continue to grow because of the wonderful people who contribute their
"BRANCH" of the family tree!  THANK YOU ALL!!!

I'd like to hear from you!  Did you like my site?  Do you need help finding your connection, or did you find your connection on my pages?  Is your branch of
the family tree listed on my site?   If not, please email me  :-) Please include
the names, dates/places of the  spouses & children of your ancestors, (those
not living) and I will add your family/branch to my site. thank you.
Debbie Villeneuve-Camberg
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My children descend from
Mathurin Villeneuve

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Tupper Lake, NY
Newspaper article about:
Adolphus Theophile Villeneuve Sr.

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My Children:
Nick & Nissa Villeneuve,
are listed on Pierrette's Database!

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Try different spellings for
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A recent  "
was a perfect example of
why you should try
different spellings:

"Marie Vandale and Frank Villeneuve" was found on my
site as: "Francois Villeneuve
Always use "small case"
letters- "NO CAPS"! 

WHY you ask?
A search for the surname: "Amiot" would find ONLY: "Amiot",
but a search for
"amiot" would find:
"Amiot, AMIOT and amiot"!
This is very important for
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Si vous désirez correspondre en francais, Pierrette Villeneuve se fera un plaisir de répondre à vos questions ou demandes à piervilleneuve@netscape.net
Genealogy is about sharing:
To become a member or volunteer of VILLENEUVE CONNECTIONS, you must share your lineage in your Introduction/Bio when you join. Please be patient: I will add your branch of the family on my site in my spare time. Please let me know if I have forgotten to create a chart for you. I recently started making them the week you submit information by email, so some of the older members charts are not made yet. If you didn't submit your parents/grandparents names, I might still be waiting for you to send me that information, so please contact me.

I will not post your "date of birth or marriage" on my site without your permission. If you submit private information in your Introduction/Bio, be assured that only our Members will have access to it.

REMEMBER: I only ask for your parents, siblings and grandparents
names (not their dates/places of birth, marriage and death) for our online charts.  I only ask for dates/places of birth, marriage and death of your ancestors, if known. 

I try to help everyone! 
If I do not know the answer, I will post a query for you. I have many connections
to people who descend from the various lineages listed on my site.
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