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When you join, you will be added to our Members Database.
We currently have 135+ people listed in our Members Database.

Joining is simple, if you follow these 3 Steps in order:
(Click on each link below, and use the back button to return to do the next step)

| 1.
Get a Yahoo ID Here | 2. Edit your Profile Here | 3.  Submit your Introduction Here |

| 4. Now you can join our Villeneuve Connections Genealogy Forum group on Yahoo |

This is a NO LURK ZONE.  You must contribute to join!


I am no longer adding people to this page when they are unsubscribed, or denied membership for not
submitting their introduction or adding their name to their profile page.  Here are the rules for joining:

Your membership will be denied if you did not send an introduction.
Your introduction should include your lineage starting with your parents.

Your introduction should include your Yahoo ID, so I know who you are.
Your Profile must include your first & last name, so I know who you are.
If your profile does not include your first and last name you can not join.

If you do not wish to share information, create a profile or submit an introduction
about yourself and your ancestors, please do not sign up for a membership.

You will be unsubscribed if your email stops working or bounces our messages.
You will be unsubscribed if you remove your name from your profile at any time.

Please do the first 3 steps in order.  (If you already have a Yahoo ID, skip step 1.) 
If your name is in your profile, skip step 2.  Make sure your name is in your profile
before you do step 3 or your membership will not be approved.
Be sure to include your yahoo ID in your introduction. 
Press your BACK BUTTON to return to this page for the next step.


Step 1: Get a Yahoo ID (nick name) and password:
                     (Do not forget your ID & password!)

Get a Yahoo ID (nick name) & password by Clicking Here and then go to step 2


Step 2: Create a Yahoo Profile:
Add your first and last name in your Yahoo Profile before you do to step 3
Important: Click on "Edit your Profile" (add your first and last name and the email
address that you want to recieve your messages from Villeneuve Connections at,)
& be sure to "save changes", or you will have to do it again.

If your profile IS NOT family oriented, you WILL NOT be approved!

Make sure your first & last name are in your profile by clicking below:
To Create a Profile/View or edit your profile page Click HereThen continue on to step 3


Step 3: Introduction/Bio Message
Next, tell us a little about "you", and what you know (so far) about your ancestors.
(This is required for membership, so that everyone contributes their branch of the family)
Include your "Yahoo ID" when you introduce yourself, so I can check your profile page.

Please include the dates of birth, marriage and death of your non-living ancestors and their
children if known. Only MEMBERS will read your Introduction/Bio Message.  I will make a
descendant chart for you from this information.
Please submit family photo's for our chart pages.
Members introduction/Bio Messages, yahoo ID's, profile & chart pages are included in our members database.

Your Bio Message should:
Start with yourself, then list your parents, grand parents, great grand parents,
great great grand parents, great great great grand parents, etc. as far back as
you can, INCLUDING their spouses (maiden) names & their children's info too.

Include dates of birth, marriage and death of non-living persons only, unless you are submitting a
query for help finding your ancestors, and all you know are your parents or grandparents. Then
dates of birth, marriage and or death (if known) is needed in order for our genealogists to help you.

Continue as far back as you can, to your "oldest known ancestors found on my site", so I
can add your "branch of the family" to our many "
Chart Pages". If your ancestors do not
connect with a lineage on this website, your chart will be added to our "
Brick Walls" Page.

To email Your Introduction/Bio Message: Click Here The moderator will contact you by
email if your Introduction did not include your Yahoo ID, so please include this with your
Introduction to be approved for membership.


The Villeneuve Connections Genealogy Forum pages will require you to log in using your
"email address" and/or your "yahoo ID" and "yahoo password".   If you have more than one
email address, be sure you use the same email address that is listed in your Yahoo Profile.

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For assistance:
Email the moderator/webmaster in english at: dcamberg@columbia-center.org

Si vous désirez correspondre en francais, Pierrette Villeneuve se fera un plaisir
de répondre à vos questions ou demandes à

Contribute to Villeneuve Connections:
by submitting photocopies of: Census, misc. certificates,
Church records & documents, family stories, photo's,
Obits, handwritten: Pedigree Charts, ancestor charts,
Family Group Sheets, GEDCOM, FTM Files, .jpg files etc.

e-mail, or send to:
Villeneuve Connections
P. O. Box 124
St. Helens, Oregon  97051  USA