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Villeneuve Connections
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Villeneuve Connections All Over The World!
Spelling Variations Include:
Amiot, Amiot dit Villeneuve, Amiott, Amiotte, Amyot, Amyott, Amyotte, Amyot dit Villeneuve, Arnoul dit Villeneuve,          Arnould dit Villeneuve,  Charlebois dit Villeneuve,               d'Estaing deVilleneuve, de Villeneuve,
de Villeneuve-Bargemon, de Villeneuve-Esclapon,
de Villeneuve-Trans, Henry de Villeneuve, Lecoup dit Villeneuve,
Lecoupe dit Villeneuve, Newton, Newtown, Newvine, Villanueva,
Villeneuve, Villeneufve, Villneuve, Vilnave, Villnave, Villneve, Villnuve, Villneff, Vilneff, Villneuf, Vinlove, and maybe even more!
Peter & Agnes Newvine
Villeneuve to Newvine Connection:

1.  Guilhame Villeneufve   b. Village of Ste. Marie, Ile de Re, Aunis Province, France   d. France
         m. Catherine Quellet b. France  d. France
  2.  Mathurin Villeneufve   b. Village of Ste. Marie, Ile de Re, Aunis Province, France   d. France
          m. 4 Apr 1542  Marye Bon  b. France  d. France
3.. Mathurin Villeneufve b. 1600, Village of Ste. Marie, Ile de Re, Aunis Province, France  d. 13 Feb 1660 (1661), France
              m.  ?   Bartholmee Texier     b. ?    d. ?
4. Mathieu Villeneufve   b. 1625, Ste. Marie, Ile de Re, Aunis Province, France  d. 13 Feb 1660 (1661), France
                m. 21 Mar 1642 (1643)   Jeanne Chausse ou Chaussee  b. Ste. Marie, Ile de Re, Aunis Province, France  d. ?
5. Mathurin Villeneuve   b. 1636, Village of Ste. Marie, Ile Re, Aunis Province, France  
                    d. 11Jul 1715, Gros Pin (in Charlesbourg), Quebec Province,Canada
                   m. 26 Nov 1669  Marguerite Le Marchedit Laroche  b. 1657  d. 9Apr 1711, Charlesbourg, Quebec Province, Canada
6. Jacques Villeneuve   b. 8 Apr 1684, Charlesbourg, Quebec Province, Canada  d. 30 Apr 1757, Charlesbourg, Quebec Province, Canada
                     m. 26 Nov 1708    Anne Chalifour  b. 10 Aug 1690, Charlesbourg, Quebec Province, Canada    d. ?
7. Joseph Ephrem Villeneuve   b. 2 Feb 1721, (1722), Charlesbourg, Quebec Province, Canada  d. ?
                        m. 9 Nov 1744 Marie Francoise Menard-Bellarosa   b. 1728   d. ?
8. Louis Villeneuve   b. 24 Jan 1762    d. ?
                           m. 29 Apr 1793 Louise Senecal    b. ?   d.?
9. Pierre Villeneuve    b. ?     d. ?
                               m. 26 May 1823    Victoria Crepin (Chrespin)   b. ?    d. ?
  10. Pierre (Peter Newvine) Villeneuve (PICTURED) b. 12 Feb 1821, St. Polycarp, Soulanges Co., Quebec Province, Can. 
                                     d. 11 Mar 1911, Saginaw, Michigan
                                    m. 24 Jun 1844   Petronelli
(Agnes Dupraw) Duperon (PICTURED)
                                    b. 1828, St. Polycarp, Soulanges Co., Quebec Province, Can.   d. 21 Dec 1906, Birch Run, Michigan
11. Marguerite (Margaret Newvine) Villeneuve b. April 14, 1845  d.
                                         m. Jefferson J. (Theophile) Girard

                             11. Louis Edward (Lewis Edward Newvine) Villeneuve
b. June 24, 1846 d.
  m. Margaret Pearl Dowd
12. James Henry Newvine b. October 1873
                                            m. Isabell (Belle) Earle
13. Arthur Newvine b. Mar 1898
                                                m. Florence Davis
    14. James Arthur Newvine
                                                    m. Joanne Horton
15. John Edward Newvine
                                             15. James A. Newvine
                                             15. Jayne E. Newvine
                                          14. Frederick Newvine
                                                    m. _________ Morrison
15. Barbara Jean Newvine
                                             15. James T. Newvine
                                             15. Patricia Newvine
                                             15. Donald Newvine
                                             15. Toni Newvine
                                          14. Ruby Newvine

                                                    m. Charles Hocknell
14. Ida Newvine
                                                    m. John Nicholas
13. Kittie Arbell Newvine b. September 1899
                                                m. Sumner Ray Grandy
  13. John Charles Newvine b. April 07, 1901
                                                m. Lillian G. Simmons
   13. Agnes M. Newvine b. April 05, 1903 d.
                                                m. Alton Zeller
13. Margaret Newvine b. abt 1905 d.
                                                m. Wilford Maracle
13. Allen Lewis Newvine b. November 08, 1908 d.
                                                m. Dorothy Edna Hewitt
14. Dudley Newvine
                                          14. Dawn Newvine
                                      13. Lillian Newvine
b. abt 1911 d.
                                                m. Ernest Hall
13. Mary E. Newvine b. ?
                                                m. John L. Knowlton
13. Vivian Newvine b.
                                                m. Glen Beerman
12. Margaret Agnes Newvine b. September 16, 1876
                                            m.  Harlow C. Liscum
12. Annabelle (Anna) Newvine b. abt 1878
                                            m. Fredrick Dashnaw
   12. Mary Jane Newvine b. April 03, 1880
                                            m. Oscar J. Bouchard
                                      13. Elizabeth Bouchard
                                                  m. Earl H. Kirkpatrick
                                          14.  Oscar Kirkpatrick
   12. Louis Edward (Edward L.) Newvine b. December 05, 1881
                                            m. Margaret (Maggie) Besaw
13. Mary Elda Newvine b.
                                                m. Andrew M. Besaw
12.  Francis Exeve (Frank Zebuous) Newvine b. October 17, 1882
                                            m. Maude Myrtle Robinson b.  d. ?
13.  Lawrence Fay Newvine b. 1906
                                                m. Dorothy Marie Trombley
14.  Robert Newvine
                                              15. Brian F. Newvine

                                                       m. Denise Dunn
15. Robert P. Newvine
                                              15. Lawrence B. Newvine

                                                       m. Penny Rose Spencer
15. James N. Newvine
                                              15. John D. Newvine
                                              15. Dennis A. Newvine
                                          14.  Betty Marie Newvine
                                      13. Holbart Raymond Newvine
b. 1908
                                                m. Mary Agnes Hance
14. Veronica Jane Newvine
                                          14. Ronald Gene Newvine

                                                    m. Diane _______?
15. Windy Newvine
                                              15. Ronald Newvine
                                          14. Darrell Ray Newvine
                                      13. Lewis Newvine
b. 1910
                                                m. Julia Dashnaw
14. Lyal L. Newvine
                                                    m. Linda Matthews
15. Leslie Robert Newvine
                                                      m. Carol Ann Stevens
   14. C. John Newvine
m. _______
                                          14. Julia Newvine
m. _______
                                          14. Lea A. Newvine
m. _______
                                      13. Francis J. Newvine
b. 1912
13. Nelson (Doug) Newvine b. 1914
                                                m. Gladys Arquitt?
14. Nelson Newvine
m. _______  ?
14. Harry NewVine
                                                    m. Marilyn LaComb (deceased 1986)
15. Michele NewVine b. Canton, NY
                                                            m. _______ Brackin
                                                    16.  Amanda Brackin
                                                    16.  Scott Brackin
15. Susan Newvine (Submittor) (MEMBER)
                                              15. David Newvine
                                          14. Shirley Newvine
m. _______
                                          14. Jolene Newvine
m. _______
  13. Estelle (Stella) Newvine b. 1920
13. Louella (Dolly) Newvine
12. William Joseph (Peter) Newvine b. November 14, 1885
12. Elizabeth Katherine (Lizzie) Newvine b.8/9/1886 Madrid, NY   d. 9/18/1939 in DeKalb, NY
                                              Buried: Old DeKalb Cemetery in DeKalb, NY     
(Submitted by Norm Newvine)
                                              M. George E. Gray 12/5/1904 in DeKalb Jct., NY
                                              b. 6/14/1886  in DeKalb, NY  d. 1/30/1972  in Gouverneur, NY
                                             Buried: Old DeKalb Cemetery in DeKalb, NY
13. Dorothy Gray
13. Susan M. Gray b. 1905  d. 1984
13. Georgia L. Gray b. 2/1/1907  d. 10/29/1998
13. Lewis Peter Gray b. 3/17/1908  d. 5/9/1985
13. Lylah V. Gray b. 4/3/1911  d. 12/24/1993
13. Elmer Eugene Gray b. 1916  d. 1996

  12. Charles John Newvine b. abt. 1889
  12. George Leo Newvine b. November 15, 1893
  12. Fred Newvine b. September 27, 1894
       12. Pearl Josephine Newvine b. February 08, 1897

                             11. Joseph Albert (Albert Joseph Newvine) Villeneuve
(PICTURED) b. March 07, 1847 d.
  m. Ella Louisa Marshall  (PICTURED)
12. Grace B. Newvine (PICTURED) b. Apr. 19, 1878
                                            m. Ward E. Tremaine
12. Arthur G. Newvine (PICTURED) b. August 03, 1880
                                            m. Eva A. Gardner
12. Inez I. Newvine (PICTURED) b. April 21, 1883
                                            m. Fred Barbo
12. Arch (Archie) G. Newvine (PICTURED) b. July 25, 1885 d. ?
                                            m. ?
13. Lloyd D. Newvine b. Abt. 1909  d. ?
13. Catherine Newvine b. ? d. ?
12. Madge G. Newvine (PICTURED) b.September 24, 1887
                                            m. Pascal Gilson
12. Ernest H. Newvine b. January 05, 1890
                                            m. Ethel T. Larkin
13. Betty A. Newvine b. 1922
   11. Samuel Newvine b. 03 March 1851 Waddington, St Lawrence County,  NY
                                          d. 08 April 1937 Waddington, St Lawrence County,  NY

m. 23 November 1873 Martha Ordelia Stone  b. 28 March 1853  Waddington, St Lawrence County,  NY 
                                          d. 14 June 1947 Waddington, St Lawrence County,  NY
12. Harold Newvine
m. Jesse Riffenburg
                                      13. Harold Newvine
                                  12. Howard Newvine
                                  12. Alexander Newvine
                                  12. Ruth Newvine
                                  12. Samuel Newvine b 1873?
                                  12. William Newvine b. 1876
                                  12. Arthur Newvine b. 1879
                                  12. John Henry Newvine b. 05 August 1888 Lisbon, St Lawrence Co. NY  d. 09 April 1944 Saranac Lake NY
m. Mary Anastasi Fogarty b. 1891 d. 1951 Oregon
                                      13. John Newvine
                                      13. Mary Newvine
m. William Kelly
                                      13. Margret  Newvine
m. Daryl Eggelston
                                      13. Ruth Newvine
   m. Edward Whaley
                                      13. Don Newvine
        m. Jeannie ________?
14. Mark Newvine
                                          14. Mary Newvine
                                      13. Samuel Alvin Newvine
       m. Joan Elizabeth Fuller
                                          14. Connie Elizabeth Newvine
                                          14. Colleen Joan Newvine
m. James McDonnell
                                          14. Carole Madeline Newvine
                                          14. Nickolas John Newvine
m. Denise Lyden
                                              15. Jim Newvine
                                              15. Ian Newvine
                                          14. Carlton Lewis Newvine
                                          14. Edward Samuel Newvine
m. Marcell Louise Puaala Meurlott
                                              15. Maia Newine
                                              15. Elena Louise Newine

                                          14. Mary Anne Newvine
(PICTURED)  (Submittor)
       m Michael Nelson MacCracken (PICTURED)
                                      13. William Newvine
11. Henry (Newvine) Villeneuve (PICTURED) b. November 1853 d.
                                         m. Christana Pockett
12. Elie Newvine b. ?  d.  ?
                                            m. Lily ____?  b. abt. 1889 Michigan
13. Rosie Newvine
12. Jefferson Newvine b. July 1878
                                            m. Dolly Eleanor Green
13. Floyd Jefferson Newvine b. April 10, 1902 Thomas Twp., Saginaw Co., MI 
                                                  d. March 19, 1962 Saginaw, Saginaw Co., Michigan
                                                 m. Zepha Wanda McCool  d. Jan 31, 2000  (94 yrs old)
14. Donald Roy Newvine b.  14 May 1926 in Saginaw, Michigan  d. 22 Apr 1997 in Pomton Plains, NJ.
                                                     m. Catherine T. (Kay) Goodman
15. Margaret Rose (Peggy) Newvine
m. Trevor Leeking
                                              15. Jean Marie Newvine
m. Albert Joseph Klein II
                                              15. Madonna Kathleen (Donna) Newvine
m. John Willard Smith
                                              15. Christopher Vincent Newvine
    m. Vindra Maharaj
14. Richard Floyd Newvine b.
                                                     m. Carol French
15. Marc Newvine
14. Jane A. Newvine b. Oct. 12, 1933 Saginaw, MI.  d. June 1, 1995
                                                     m. Joseph Baccary
                                              15. Joe Baccary
14. Thomas James Newvine b. 3/20/1946 Saginaw, MI. 
                                                     m1. Alicia Olivarez (children listed below)
                                                     m2. Mary  Craves
15. Thomas Newvine
                                              15. Cynthia Newvine  (twin) 
                                              15. Rosemary Newvine (twin) d. at 1 month
                                              15. Paula Newvine

14. Elaine Newvine b.
                                                     m. John Carelli
14. Mary Ellen Newvine b. ?
                                                     m. Al Reisig
                                              15. Dan Reisig
13. Beullah Eleanor Newvine b. 10 Sept.1902 Birch Run, Genessee Co. MI d. 28 Aug. 1983, Flint, Genesee Co. MI.
                                                 m. _____ Rausch
                                          14. James Rausch
                                                     m. Ora Mae
12. Samuel Newvine b. January 05, 1882
12. Joseph Newvine b. Jul 1883
12. Libby Newvine b. Jul 1884
12. Margaret (Margarete) Newvine b. May 22, 1887
12. Agnes Newvine b. Jun 1890
                             11.  Peter (Newvine) Villeneuve b. Oct 1857, New York State    d. ?
                                         m. Sophia Paquette   b. Jul 1860  (1875)?   d. ?
12. Peter Newvine   b. 11 Sep 1876, Michigan   d. 15 Jun 1972, East Tawas, Michigan
                                             m. ?   Bertha May Ladd   b. 8 Aug 1876, Huron Co., Michigan  d. 15 Aug 1967, Saginaw, Michigan
  13. Frank Edward Newvine (PICTURED) b. 18 Sep 1914,Saginaw, Michigan  d. 14 Dec 1997, Flint, Michigan
                                                 m. ?  Frances Agnes Klasek
(PICTURED) b. 11 Mar 1916, Chesaning, Michigan  d. 27 Nov 1991, Burt, Michigan
14. Frank Newvine Jr. b. 19 Jun 1939, Saginaw, Michigan
                                                     m. Sarah Kathryn White    b. 23 Apr ?, Georgia
   15. Scott Alan Newvine (PICTURED) b. 20 Aug 1965, Saginaw, Michigan
                                                       m. 9 Aug 1993  
Denise Lynne Fischer (MEMBER/PICTURED)  (Submittor)   b. 26 Oct 1957, Baltimore, Maryland
12. Frank Newvine b. February 1879
                                             m. Emma Grossman
13. Lloyd Newvine b.
                                                 m. Elizabeth I. Brooks
13. Blanche Newvine b.
                                                 m. Lester G. Alexander
  13.  Clara Newvine b.
                                                 m. Charles H. Woodington
12. Helen Newvine b. March 1888
12. John Newvine b. March 1890
11.  Josephine (Newvine) Villeneuve b.1858 Oswego, Oswego Co., NY  d. April 18, 1901 Saginaw, MI

                               11.  Jefferson Newvine
b. February 18, 1862 Prescott, Ontario Province, Canada 
                                          d. March 18, 1944 DeKalb, St. Lawrence Co., NY
                                          m. December 26, 1882 (Canada) to Sarah J. Kyer
12. Peter Charles Newvine b. October 23, 1884
                                            m. Hattie May Fanning
13.  Geneva A. Newvine b. November 10, 1906
                                      13.  Edith M. Newvine
b. November 08, 1907
                                      13.  ____   Newvine?
b. November 09, 1908 d. November 09, 1908
                                      13.  Clarence J. Newvine
b. June 10, 1911  d. March 18, 1976
m. Marjorie Lucille Dafoe b.
                                         14. Lowell Charles Newvine
(PICTURED) (Submittor)
m. Sharon Eloise Miles
15. David Miles Newvine
                                         14. Elaine Joyce Newvine
    m. Larry A. Gaines
                                      13.  Eugean Raymond Newvine
b.  June 03, 1915
                                      13.  Kenneth F. Newvine
b. October 24, 1916
                                                   m. Freda Blackmer
14. Marlene Catherine Newvine
14. Norman Newvine
                                      13.  Raymond Eugean Newvine
b. July 19, 1917

                                      13.  Madeline I. Newvine
b. 1920
                                                   m. Clarence Hamilton

                                      13.  Margaret Newvine
b. 1923
                                                   m. Sidney Benware
                                  12. Rose Newvine b. Abt. 1886
                                  12. Luella Newvine b. July 23, 1891
11.  Xavia Newvine b. abt. 1865  d. 1883

                               11.  Agnes Newvine
b. 1869 d.

                               11.  Elizabeth Newvine
b. abt. 1864 Michigan  d.
                                         m. Lewis Wilson

SOURCES for the above chart:
Denise Newvine, Lowell Newvine, Oscar Kirkpatrick, Annie Newvine MacCracken,
Susan Newvine, and also from the GenForum queries below:

The Newvine info below was found on GenForum:

Can someone help tie these Newvine's to the chart above?

. Peter Newvine
. Henry Newvine
. __________ Newvine
. Jefferson Newvine   d. ca 1908 in MI (buried at Traymoth Cemetery, Birch Run, MI.)
. Floyd Jefferson Newvine? b. 10 April 1902  d. 19 March 1962 
                m. Zeffa (Zepha)  ________?     b.? d. Jan 31, 2000  (94 yrs old)
. Donald Roy Newvine b. 14 May 1926 in Saginaw, Michigan  d. 22 Apr 1997 in Pomton Plains, NJ.
. Tom Newvine b. ?  d.?
    ?     . Mary Ann Newvine  b. ?  d.  June 01, 1995
                   m. _______ Baccary

Thomas J. Newvine b. 1837 IN CANADA, d. 1917 IN PA.
           m. ?

. C. Newvine (Grand daughter of Zeffa/Zepha  Newvine)

. Elizabeth Newvine
                  m. ________ Gray

            .  Margaret Newvine
                 m. ________ Gray

Submitted by Norm Newvine April 1, 2007:

I was reviewing the Villeneuve to Newvine Connection chart and saw a question at bottom (Found on Genforum: Can someone help tie to chart)
that I believe I can shed some light on. The question regarding Elizabeth Newvine married to a Gray. Following is information I have:

Elizabeth Katherine "Lizzy" Newvine
b. 8/9/1886 in Madrid, NY   d. 9/18/1939 in DeKalb, NY
Buried: Old DeKalb Cemetery in DeKalb, NY
Married: George E. Gray 12/5/1904 in DeKalb Jct., NY

George E. Gray
b. 6/14/1886  in DeKalb, NY  d. 1/30/1972  in Gouverneur, NY
Buried: Old DeKalb Cemetery in DeKalb, NY

Children of Elizabeth & George:
Dorothy Gray
Susan M. Gray  b. 1905  d. 1984
Georgia L. Gray  b. 2/1/1907  d. 10/29/1998
Lewis Peter Gray  b. 3/17/1908  d. 5/9/1985
Lylah V. Gray  b. 4/3/1911  d. 12/24/1993
Elmer Eugene Gray  b. 1916  d. 1996

(I physically inventoried the Old DeKalb cemetery and found the grave site for Elizabeth & George and some of there children) This information
is also in our local geneologist Norman Young's family tree information which he graciously gave me a copy of.

I have information on each of the children. If anyone is interested I would be willing to send in another email.

Norm Newvine
Email:  <>

.   John Newvine b. ? d. Flint MI. ?
                 m. ?
             .  ________ Newvine
                   m. ?
             .    John Newvine

Queries & clues Found on  :-)

Posted by: Doris Newvine Edmonds

Message: My name is
Doris Newvine Edmonds and I'm from North Carolina. Was born in Burt, Michigan in 1953. Have 4 brothers and 3 sisters. Mothers Name was Emma Lorraine Haultatla, Father John Newvine

Posted by: Mark
Isaac Claire Gray and Elizabeth Newvine Gray were my wife's great grandparents. The information we have indicates that Elizabeth was born on July 17, 1884 in Spaudling Twp., Saginaw Co., Michigan. She was married to Issac on December 4, 1904 in Birch Run, Michigan. She had 12 children and the 8th child was Ellsworth Gray which was my wife's grandfather. I believe only two of the children are living and we met them a few years ago. Elizabeth died on June 17, 1951 in Birch Run, Michigan. She is buried in the Birch Run Cemetety in Birch Run.

Posted by: char raifsnider
Message: I will find out from Grace, who is married to a
Robert (Bob) Newvine, where his family tree started. All I know is that Bob and his brother, Ervin, were born and raised in Saginaw, Michigan which is where I live. Ervin and his wife, Lettie, have one son, Jay. There are other Newvines in the Saginaw area. Grace and Bob moved to Gladwin, northwest of Saginaw about 5 years ago. She is a head secretary for one of our high schools. Bob is a self-employed construction worker. At one time he worked for GM. So did his brother. Will try to get more info. for you.   Charlene

Posted by: char raifsnider
Message: I am good friends of a
Robert and Grace Newvine. Bob has a brother Ervin. Bob will be 63 in November. His brother Ervin is about 9 years older. They are both born and raised here in Saginaw. I will get their father's name for you later. Can you tell me where Hailesboro Cemetery is and where Gouverneur is located? I will pass your info. on to them. Thank you. Charlene

Posted by: Karen
Message: Looking for information on an
Elizabeth Newvine who married Isaac Gray. May have also been the sister of Margaret Newvine Gray who married Atley Gray. From the Birch Run, MI. area

Posted by: Terry Newvine
Message: My father was
John W. Newvine who was born near Hermon on January 4,1921 and who passed away January 13,1997. His wife Marjorie Mae Wilbur Newvine was born on October 20,1925 in Gouverneur and who also has passed away in February of 1995. Both are buried in the Hailesboro Cemetery.
Dad's fathers name was
Charles John Newvine and he I think was born around 1885. He married Anna Helen Toomey from Gouverneur. I know he had several brothers one of which was Frank and as for Nelson, I'm not sure if there is a connection in any way.
If I can be of any assistance don't hesitate to contact me.

Posted by: Terry Newvine
Message: Got your message today and Thanks for the reply.
If you look at a map of New York State, we are located in the northern section of the state. If you can locate the St. Lawrence River you can see St. Lawrence County.

Hailesboro Cemetery is located on Old Route 58 about 2 miles south of the Village of Gouverneur which is located on Route 11 South.

My Father,
John W. Newvine, who passed away January 13, 1997 is buried there. His father, Charles John Newvine, who passed away on December 26, 1970 is buried in the Catholic Cemetery just on the edge of Gouverneur on Route 58 as you are heading to Hailesboro Cemetery so this may be an interesting place to visit for further info also.

Posted by: Vincent C. Casario
Message: My wife maiden name is Newvine, her father was
Frank who was the father of Nelson. Does your father have a brother Nelson and sisters Shirley-Ann and Jolane. If so let me know at my e-mail address. Thanks


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