This American loves to despise TV advertising

As viewers all over America know, television advertising is often needlessly repetitive and poorly produced. The number of creative spots that manage to strike a true emotional chord or offer useful information, though memorable, are few.

Most of what airs between programming on every channel consists of endless promotions for drugs, cars, and beauty products. Trucks leap over giant boulders, pitchmen talk up the virtues of the latest sleeping pill, and models smile for the camera while displaying the latest brands in cosmetics.

Nestled between the messaging of America’s major corporations are pitiful appeals from the owners of local dealerships and insurance salesmen. On occasion, there will be a sobering and thoughtful reminder from the Ad Council, or a comedic scene inviting laughter.

But these gems are hidden within a dry and scratchy haystack of bland and boring fare. If advertisers really want our attention, why do they spend so much money on thirty second messages that simply serve to irritate the viewer?