Welcome to the Villeneuve Family Portal, a website maintained by and for the Villeneuve family. VFP serves as an online center for genealogical research and provides links to current projects or endeavors that family members are involved with or working on.


The name Villeneuve is French. Literally translated into English, “Villeneuve” means “new town” or “Newton”. Many North American members of the Villeneuve family (though not all!) trace their lineage to Mathurin Villeneuve, who settled in Quebec (then called New France) in 1666.

Villeneuves active in the public sphere

Many Villeneuves maintain active lives and are involved in business, sports, politics, and entertainment. The following is an incomplete list of Villeneuves who maintain a public presence:

  • Andrew Villeneuve: The maintainer of the Villeneuve Family Portal, Andrew is a cybersecurity strategist and founder of the Northwest Progressive Institute, a political strategy center.
  • Dr. Kim Villeneuve: President and CEO of CenterStone Executive Search, a national executive search firm with offices in Seattle and New York.
  • Annie Villeneuve: French-Canadian pop singer and songwriter. To date, she has released four albums; she sang at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.
  • David Villeneuve: Scientist with the National Research Council of Canada.
  • Denis Villeneuve: An acclaimed Canadian director; his award-winning films include Incendies and Enemy.
  • Francine Villeneuve: The winningest female Canadian thoroughbred jockey of all time, with over 1,001 career wins.
  • Jacques Villeneuve: A successful Canadian race car driver carrying on the legacy of his father, Formula One driver Gilles Villeneuve.
  • Pierrette Villeneuve: Computer technican and fine art painter who used to work for the Government of Canada.


Villeneuves.com maintains mirrors of websites built by distant family members at GeoCities from 1994-2009.