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The latest on the world's most powerful and extensible blogging platform

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Olympus News

News and rumors about Olympus products

43rds Rumors | Olympus America

GNU/Linux & Free Software

General news about GNU/Linux development and advance of free software

Linux Today | Groklaw


Looking beyond any one category of technology news

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Raspberry Pi

Single-board computing joy

Security Scanner

Analysis from security researchers

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Kubuntu Development

News and views from Kubuntu developers

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Ubuntu & Debian

What's happening with the world's most popular Linux distributions

The Fridge | Ubuntu News | Canonical Design

Tech Industry Beat

A journal of the latest developments across the broader technology industry

Ars Technica | TechDirt | ReadWriteWeb


The place where breaking news, BitTorrent and copyright collide


Hosting News

News and updates from the Villeneuve family's favorite web hosts

DreamHost Status | DreamScape


Keeping tabs on Research In Motion and BlackBerry hardware/software

Firefox Development

What's happening with Mozilla Firefox, the safest and most robust web browser, with non-buggy extensions 🙂

Planet Mozilla | Mozilla Links

PC World

Headlines from PC World, a respected technology magazine

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